The e-services section on the State Agency of Medicines website now includes INNA, a tool for the evaluation of medicinal product names, which helps assess the suitability of invented names of medicinal products applied for in Estonia. The web application developed by TEHIK aims to reduce the time spent on evaluating medicinal product names and increase the quality of decisions and services.


INNA is a rules-based artificial intelligence which simplifies the time-consuming operations previously performed by people. INNA can be used by specialists of the State Agency of Medicines as well as holders of marketing authorisations and applicants, to assess the suitability of invented names of medicines. The tool is available in Estonian and English, so it can also be used by foreign marketing authorisation holders and applicants.

The name INNA comes from the word pair INvented NAmes, referring to the aim of the solution which is to facilitate the selection of new names for medicinal products. Slides introducing INNA are available here.


How does INNA help determine medicinal product names?

Assigning names to medicinal products has so far been an extremely complex process, requiring thorough consideration of the set of rules and recommendations, as well as the interdependence of names. INNA, however, provides a new approach and technical support.

The tool is easy to use. When using the INNA web application at, users can enter the desired medicinal product name and have it validated. INNA provides quick and precise feedback, instantly displaying the validation results, which can also be shared and downloaded.

In addition to the evaluation done by INNA, the name must be in line with the guideline for the naming of medicinal products.

INNA veebirakenduse välimus ja töö iseloom

How are medicinal product names assigned? Who does it and what is their decision based on?

INNA not only facilitates the selection of names, but also helps make the work of the State Agency of Medicines much more efficient. Thanks to this innovative tool, the need for counselling on the selection of names is significantly reduced, which in turn saves the time of specialists. INNA is also interfaced to the register of medicinal products, allowing specialists to check whether the name is similar to a medicinal product name already in use.

INNA is administered by the Ministry of Social Affairs, its owner is the State Agency of Medicines and the responsibility for its development and functioning lies with TEHIK.

The creation of the INNA prototype and its further development was supported by the European Union Structural Funds. The development of the final solution began in the autumn of 2021.

Several organisations played an important part in the creation and development of INNA. TEHIK would like to thank the representatives of the State Agency of Medicines, development partner STACC OÜ and the representatives of the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Estonia.