In the internet-based self-service of the Social Insurance Board, people can conveniently manage the services and benefits offered for them.

What is it?

The wider goal of the e-service is to offer client-centred and proactive services, which means that when a person has a right to get support or benefits, the state sends an offer  for them. The Social Insurance Board is moving in the direction of application-free services, and the self-service portal is an important step towards it. The e-service of the Social Insurance Board is developed step by step, it is constantly improved, and the first accessible services are family benefits and medical appliances.

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To whom?

Family benefits are received monthly by 187,000 people in the amount of 25.5 million €. Parental benefit is received monthly by 18,000 people in the amount of 18.6 million €. 

Latest developments

Already today, the Social Insurance Board is implementing proactive automated e-services that are unique in the world. For example, through the e-service of family support, a parent is automatically notified, after registering the birth of their child, of which state support he/she has a right to receive. The same applies for the e-services of medical appliances.

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