Our projects and services


TEHIK manages over 40 databases, thanks to which we can create essential e-services for almost 1,3 million people. For that, we use state-of-the-art and secure infotechnological solutions and cooperate with the best companies of private sector.

We make the essential e-services in the fields of health, social security and labour accessible for all and work towards solutions that are fast, simple and hassle-free. We value time and we believe people should not spend unnecessary time for communicating with the state.

Occupational projects and funding

The analysis of the module of accidents at work The Labour Inspectorate has a statutory obligation to investigate the cases of accidents at work and occupational diseases. Enterprises are also obliged to investigate accidents at work and occupational diseases. For this, a new e-service shall be created in the Working Life Information System (WLIS).

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Labour / Technology
The application for the employees of the Labour Inspectorate

Thanks to TEHIK, most if the employees of the Labour Inspectorate took their work to the new employees’ application in the spring of 2020. The former application developed in 2003 had become obsolete and its development was not reasonable. This is why a new employees’ app was created, where all the assistive e-services for employees will be consolidated in the future. For the time of the launch of the employees’ application, the standard monitoring module was completed, where many processes had been automated for the officials and more information could be retrieved from other registers (e.g., Employment Register or Business Register). In addition, a special tablet view has been created for monitoring work environment, which fastens and simplifies the working environment control process in the facilities of companies.

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Labour / Technology
Working Life Portal

In May 2021, the new Working Life Portal was launched. The portal also enables to access the information system of the Labour Inspectorate - TEIS, which assists companies in creating a good work environment for their employees.

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Labour / Technology
The self-service of Labour Inspectorate

In the spring of 2020, TEHIK completed the new self-service of the Labour Inspectorate. The self-service is mainly directed for employers, who can forward information about their representatives of work environment to the Labour Inspectorate. This is a service that considerably simplifies the proceedings for the employers, as when registering a representative, some blanks have already been filled with information that has been given to the state beforehand. The self-service also has information about the workers of the company; therefore, it only takes a moment to designate a work environment representative.  

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