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TEHIK manages over 40 databases, thanks to which we can create essential e-services for almost 1,3 million people. For that, we use state-of-the-art and secure infotechnological solutions and cooperate with the best companies of private sector.

We make the essential e-services in the fields of health, social security and labour accessible for all and work towards solutions that are fast, simple and hassle-free. We value time and we believe people should not spend unnecessary time for communicating with the state.

Health Sense

Health Sense is a project to create data conversion tools. During the project, we will create tools that will make it easier and faster to release pseudonymized, blurred, and sometimes aggregated data that can be considered open data. This means that individuals are not identifiable and do not have to go through a long chain of coordination to obtain data.

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Health / Technology
Cross-border exchange of patient’s health data

The new solution, which will be launched in Estonia in the summer of 2022, will simplify the work of doctors and other health care workersprofessionals, providing quick access to a summary of the health data of a foreign citizen in a critical situation. This means that if a person is involved in an accident and is unable to give explanations or does not know the local language, the doctor can get basic information about his or her critical health data (drug allergies, recent surgeries, etc.), and is therefore enabled to ensure better treatment.

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Social security / Technology
Self-service of the Social Insurance Board

In the internet-based self-service of the Social Insurance Board, people can conveniently manage the services and benefits offered for them.

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Health / Technology
The decision support of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Since May 2020, family physicians and nurses can use the decision support system of clinical decisions that enables to receive patient-based recommendations to their desktop and helps reach quality decisions faster. The clinical decision support system is the first one of its kind in Estonia, as it gathers and analyses people’s data, e.g., the diagnoses of the last five years, prescribed medicines, analyses, blood pressure measurements, lifestyle indicators and genetic risk scores.

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Health / Technology
Ravimiregister.ee - Register of Medicinal Products

The Register of Medicinal Products is a state register, the purpose of which is to keep account of all medicinal products and their packages sold in Estonia. For creating a more user-friendly and modern environment, the webpage of the Register of Medicinal Products was renewed in 2020. During the upgrade, the search system became much more convenient, making it easier to search for information related to medicines from both the phone and the computer. For the process, a working group was established consisting of family physicians, citizens and pharmacists, who tested the new solution in web and mobile view.

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Cloud solutions

Cloud technology enables to create solutions that help to scale business services according to necessity. TEHIK is one of the most important and competent implementers of cloud technology in the public sector. This is why we have been able to reject processes that do not create value to our clients and the society.

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Labour / Technology
The application for the employees of the Labour Inspectorate

Thanks to TEHIK, most if the employees of the Labour Inspectorate took their work to the new employees’ application in the spring of 2020. The former application developed in 2003 had become obsolete and its development was not reasonable. This is why a new employees’ app was created, where all the assistive e-services for employees will be consolidated in the future. For the time of the launch of the employees’ application, the standard monitoring module was completed, where many processes had been automated for the officials and more information could be retrieved from other registers (e.g., Employment Register or Business Register). In addition, a special tablet view has been created for monitoring work environment, which fastens and simplifies the working environment control process in the facilities of companies.

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Labour / Technology
Working Life Portal

In May 2021, the new Working Life Portal was launched. The portal also enables to access the information system of the Labour Inspectorate - TEIS, which assists companies in creating a good work environment for their employees.

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Health / Technology
E-report of death

In Estonia, approximately 15,500 deaths are reported in a year. As a result of the e-report of death project, death-related data began to be exchanged digitally between institutions and relatives of the deceased were freed from the bureaucracy.

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Health / Technology
The information system of the laboratories of the Health Board: TALIS

TALIS – the information system of the Health Board's laboratories helps to get rid of obsolete technological solutions in the fields of food chemistry, microbiology, cosmetics and clinical microbiology, and enables the transition to electronic procedures, higher service quality and cost savings through new technological solutions.

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