In the Patient Portal, the user can check their medical data, book an appointment to a specialist doctor via the national e-booking system , submit declarations of intention, appoint representative(s) for themselves, and perform actions for people who they represent.

What can be done in the Patient Portal?

When logging in with an ID-card, a Smart ID or a Mobile-ID, you can:

  • check your health data, e.g., medical documents compiled by and sent to the health information system by doctors;
  • check the validity of your health certificate and fill in the health declaration;
  • see the information of prescriptions;
  • designate representatives for different purposes;
  • submit declarations of intention;
  • check, who and when has seen your health data;.
  • see medical bills connected with you that have been paid by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

You can see frequently asked questions and answers about the Patient Portal HERE.

Patsiendiportaali prototüüp.