The environment for ordering vaccines enables doctors to order the vaccines and medicines from the warehouse of the Health Board.

The environment for ordering vaccines was created for COVID-19 vaccines in February 2021 to enable family doctors to order the required number of vaccines for their practices. The goal of the first stage of the project was to create a convenient and simple solution for both the doctor as the orderer and the storage workers of the Health Board.  

For making the process easier for vaccinators, a vaccine delivery environment was developed in the spring of 2021 that enabled to offer vaccines directly to vaccinators.   

A special interface was developed between the delivery environment and the ordering environment for exchanging data. In addition to this, the development included a clear overview of the actions - a reporting system.


Right now, the second stage of the ordering environment is being developed. This can no longer be called simply the ordering environment, but an information system of the Health Board’s warehouse. The information system is a unified whole where vaccinators can order the necessary vaccines themselves, where offers can be made directly to vaccinators (mostly COVID and flu vaccines), and where the system displays the stock records.


  • Health Insurance Fund
  • Health Board
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • State Agency of Medicines
  • Foundation of the Authenticity of Medicines
  • State Shared Service Centre


Acquiring COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination equipment, organising the vaccination, COVID-19 RT-PCR testing and increasing the state’s health reserves.